The evolution conspiracy (book)

Author: Caryl Matrisciana & Roger Oakland
ISBN 0-89081-939-4

Table of Contents


The Hidden Agenda

1. Satan's Most Lethal Weapon 15
2. Seducing the Masses 25
3. Changing the Value of Human Life 39
4. Preparation for the Delusion 55

The Case for Intelligent Design

5. The Search for Proof 77
6. Missing Links 95
7. God's Grand Design 113

Molding the Modern Mind

8. Children at Risk 125
9. Onward Evolutionary Soldiers 139

The Global Search for Spirituality

10. A Quantum Leap into the New Age 157
11. The Christian's Hope 177
  Appendix A - The Grand Canyon's Mysteries 189
  Appendix B - Darwin, Freemasonry, and the Occult 203
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Description of the book taken from the back cover:

In this alarming expose', the authors show that the raging ware between evolution and creation is not a battle between science and religion. It's a battle between religion and religion - with social, moral, and eternal consequences for us and our children.

"Evolution comes across clearly as the anti-Christian way of thinking. Its evil roots are exposed, as are its awful fruits. Truly there is an Evolution Conspiracy, and it can no longer be ignored by God's people."
John D. Morris
Institute for Creation Research

"The Evolution Conspiracy... ably demonstrates that evolution is indeed little more than a fairy tale for adults."
Hank Hanegraaff
President, Christian Research Institute International

"Caryl, who lived in India, and Roger, a former evolutionist teacher, dig up a wealth of important facts and clues to reveal another side of a long-standing controversy."
Tal Brooke
President, Spiritual Counterfeits Project