the Lie : Evolution (book)

Author: Ken Ham
ISBN 0-89051-158-6

Table of Contents

  Acknowledgments ix
  Foreword xi
  Introduction xiii
Chapter One Christianity Is Under Attack 1
  There is a war in society - Christianity versus humanism.
Too few realize that the essence of the conflict lies firmly
at the foundational level - creation versus evolution -
Because it is a beneficial in waging successful warfare
first to identify the field, this chapter establishes the true
nature of the battlefront.
Chapter Two Evolution is Religion 15
  The media and the public education system tell us that
"Creation" cannot be taught in schools because it is religion,
while "evolution" is science. It is easy to grasp the basic
tenets of science and quickly come to the conclusion that
evolution is really a religion.
Chapter Three Creation is Religion 23
  Creation and evolution are equally scientific and equally religious.
The controversy is not religion versus science, but the science of
one religion versus the science of another religion.
Chapter Four The Root Of The Problem 35
  The reason that people do not want to accept creation is that it
means there is a Creator who sets the rules. Thus no person
can write his own rules.
Chapter Five Crumbling Foundations 41
  Eliminate Genesis and the structure of Christianity will begin to
collapse. Opinion oriented (evolution based) philosophy is
destroying society.
Chapter Six Genesis Does Matter 55
  Many Christians fail to realize that the events of Genesis are literal,
are historical (particularly Genesis 1-11), and are foundational to
all Christian doctrine. All Biblical doctrines of theology, directly or
indirectly, ultimately have their basis in the book of Genesis.
Therefore, a believing understanding of the book of Genesis is a
prerequisite to an understanding of God and His meaning to man.
If Genesis is only myth or allegory, then Christian doctrines have
no foundation. Many Christians have added evolution to the Bible,
resulting in a position that accepts God as Creator but restricts
Him to the process of evolution. This position is destructive to
Christianity for many reasons.
Chapter Seven Death: A Curse and a Blessing 71
  There is an easy to understand reason why death and suffering exist
in a world created by a God of love. Evolution (death and struggle
over millions of years) destroys the foundation of the message of the
Chapter Eight The Evils of Evolution 83
  The growing acceptance of atheistic evolution has resulted in many
rejecting God as Creator. Over the years, many have used evolution
to justify abortion, Communism, Nazism, drug-abuse, homosexual
practices, and worse. Increase in the popularity of evolution has gone
hand-in-hand with the increase in popularity of these social issues.
While evolution is not to blame for the social issues of society, it has
become the justification for lending respectability to such social
attitudes. The ultimate cause of these problems is the rejection of God
as Creator.
Chapter Nine Evangelism In a Pagan World 97
  Creation evangelism may be a new term to many, but it is a Biblical
method. Paul used it with great success. Creation evangelism is a tool
the church needs to use to restore the right foundations in order to
present the whole Gospel message. Evolution is one of the biggest
barriers to today's people being receptive to the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. Creation evangelism is a powerful method that removes these
barriers and opens people's hearts and minds to the Gospel.
Chapter Ten Wake Up, Shepherds! 113
  A plea to pastors and other religious leaders to see the importance
of the creation/evolution issue. It is not a side issue. Many religious
leaders don't realize the true nature of the creation/evolution
controversy because they have been hoodwinked into thinking
that what they have been led to believe is true science. The church
is suffering greatly because many have compromised with evolution.
Chapter Eleven Creation, Flood and Coming Fire 123
  A message and warning from II Peter 3 concerning the rejection in
the last days of the belief in God as Creator. This should be a real
warning to all of the importance of origins. The prophecy in II Peter
3 concerning the last days is being fulfilled before our very eyes.
Resources   131
Appendices The material in the appendices is meant to provide detailed answers on the questions people have concerning the creation/evolution issue.  
  Appendix 1 - Twenty Reasons Why Genesis and Evolution Don't Mix. 137
  Appendix 2 - Why Did God Take Six Days? 157
References   165